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Indigenous Business and Mainstream Compliance requires a harmonious Duality of Operational Systems (DOS) in the workplace.  The Native Title Act (Cwth 1994 amended 1st July 2014) prescribes the manner of negotiation as via a “body corporate”.  In most circumstances the emic body (Indigenous) is an adhoc arrangement at best. The body corporate system of negotiation is a very difficult method of representation for Indigenous peoples. Nevertheless the body corporate is the benchmark of legislation in negotiating issues of Native Title.

This has resulted in the Imposition of a Culturally Alien method of Human Resource Management (HRM) on Indigenous peoples.

The issue of Equity for a diverse society such as Australia and Social Justice for first nation Indigenes demands successful transactional styles to avoid norm code violations.

Many solutions have been researched (and constantly re-visited) in the context of Corporate and cultural take-overs where a multinational company of one nationality takes control of another company of a different nationality with vastly different methods of doing business.

In an environment where language and cultures are alien to each other, productivity is the key issue. Therefore initial analysis will be in fields where productivity is the key issue.  The fields of Sport and Education are primarily focussed on productivity. Sport is oriented toward excellence of physical performance and education is devoted toward academic excellence. Studies of successful transactional styles in these fields may be transferrable to other avenues that have a long history of failure, eg criminal justice, drugs and alcohol, mortality rates.

In most Australian workplaces (at the interface of Mainstream and Indigenous business), there are accusations of racism, sexism, nepotism, corruption, patriarchies, work-to-rule, design-to-failure, failure and condescension.

None of this is productive. Healing and solution oriented processes must prevail before any recognition within the newly emerging Australian Constitution.

Research into the effects and solutions of culturally diverse take overs and issues around implications of imposing Alien Human Research Methodologies where there are senior and junior partners, dominant and marginalised cultures of doing business, may reveal strategies void of accusations and counter-accusations. The ecology of the workplace is concerned only with effective productivity through psychological processes that satisfy the trust quotient of all parties.

This probably can be achieved by strategic planning for Job Criteria and Person Specifications at inductive management levels in most, possibly all areas of negotiation (the coalface) between the dominant paradigms and (any) marginalised (sub)-cultures.

Any scenarios developed may be valuable tools of recruitment HRM, promotion and conflict resolution workshops and or as in house training.