Prices vary according to the services required. The first hour is the highest cost. If you require a whole lot of activities for the day the price becomes much cheaper. (up to 15%)

HOW TO SAVE. Discounts apply

  1. Regular customers get best prices
  2. Multi services and personnel attract reduced prices
  3. Trade Goods for Services
  4. Negotiate
  5. Holidays attached to some gigs (overseas & interstate) can be negotiated
  • Examples:
  • Tall Stilts: $450 per appearance
  • Stilts: $250 for first hour $125 ph after that (per day)
  • Spruiking: $120 for the first hour the $60ph after that
  • Magic show: $300 per half hour show
  • Clown show $250 per half hour
  • Fire: $350
  • Face-painting and Balloon sculpting: $120 for first hour then $75ph after (per day)
  • Atmosphere (roving) juggling, magic, clown $200 first hour $125 ph after that.
  • Travel expenses: Return to Adelaide CBD $30 per hour plus accommodation (bed and breakfast) provided overnight

Prices subject to change. Travel costs must be met before TRADE is possible,

If AGENTS can offer classes and or waivers of costs to promote, negotiable.

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