Contact Colin on his email: or ring 0438522005 if you want to talk turkey.

Want to Trade?.

Colin Herring​ Daddy Long Legs

We understand that money itself can be an issue. That is why we offer trade (a small business there is no GST) as an alternative. For instance Colin has many interests. Permaculture, Bee keeping, Gardening, Writing, Books and Poetry are just a few of the interests. So if a potential client has solid antique furniture, Gardening tools, an Industrial Wood-chipper or even cows, alpacas, sheep, Colin is prepared to talk turkey. Live animals especially in Victoria (where family has a 20 acre farm near Mt Macedon) are keenly sought. Farmers who are cash strapped deserve a lot better; as long as costs and accommodation are met payment can be in goods.

All transaction are recorded on a profit/loss  account for taxation purposes